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Roulez Magazine explores one destination area or city at a time, meeting the locals, getting to know the culture and exploring the fun each area has to offer. In essence, we embed in that area and discover what makes it special, presenting those attributes to you for your own journey or emulation in your own home.

The Diversion Guide of Roulez Magazine, this site, presents lodging, dining, adventure and exploration options from throughout the world, with special attention provided to those we visit and endorse.

We invite you to explore these wonderful properties in great places, owned by passionate people. Our heart is in promotion of real innkeepers, proprietors, entrepreneurs and owner-operators. You will find fewer franchise or corporate properties here, more independently owned and operated.

We also encourage you to help support these independent business people who have built their brands around their passion, to bring you authentic enrichment as part of your own passionately lived life.

We do not charge commissions if you book or shop with one of these brands and all contact information is direct to them, so you can enjoy a better connection and experience. This also helps them sustain their business better than when commissioned booking sites are used.

Thank you for visiting the Roulez Diversion Guide, and don’t forget to read the magazine at!

Roulez (roo-lay): French, “you roll” or “you drive”


Crown properties have been personally reviewed by Roulez Magazine’s editors and are featured within the magazine.

Outer Banks Beach House | Roulez Magazine

In Roulez Magazine Now

In the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the lifestyle is relaxed and easy. Interior design of area homes is equally laid back and casual, providing space for socialization and enjoyment of the picturesque natural setting. We sat down with Outer Banks interior designer Amy Hilliker Klebitz to gain insight into what makes an island home quintessentially OBX, while learning more about the lifestyle residents enjoy here.



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